April’s Monthly Impact Report

April brought the easing of UK lockdown restrictions and with it, our return to office. We are proud to have taken this opportunity to reflect on the impact that our office has on the environment and we have pledged to share our monthly report.

Each month, we record our energy usage, water consumption, general waste, recycling and composting so that we can set goals to reduce our footprint. We believe that we have a responsibility to look after our planet and we are consistently reviewing our impact and coming up with creative new ideas as a team.

Not only will a greener office help look after our planet, but it will also benefit our team as we are passionate about creating a happier and healthier workforce. We believe that transparency is essential for our sustainability progress and we have ambitious goals to reduce our impact each month.

 So, Without Further Ado, Our April Scorecard:


What we use


Energy1403kWh – 45kWh per dayOur goal is to continue reducing this amount
WaterN/AWorking on installing a water meter
Mileage121 milesHow far our team travels for business
General Waste3 black bags 1.2kgReduce our amount of waste that goes to landfill by exploring new methods of recycling
Recycling1 full red bin
(10 small bags)
We are sent sample boxes which we were not able to recycle
during lockdown so they increased our recycling amount for April
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