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Is COVID-19 triggering a seminal moment for the food and drink industry?

What a difference a month makes. At the end of February, the sense of optimism around the trade was palpable and you could feel it in many different ways. There was a little spring in the step of marketing and commercial directors, a lot of brands were looking to expand…

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Can Online Research Techniques Ever Really Replace Face-to-Face Methods?

In line with the progress of all things digital, there has been a great deal of interest in new high-tech online research methods in recent years. Various articles and luminaries have set out how online methods are able to surpass the value gained from traditional face-to-face techniques. It is certainly…

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The Importance of Value Propositions

What is a value proposition? You wouldn’t win an archery contest without carefully selecting an arrow, picking the right bow and then aiming at the target. In the same way, to us, a Value Proposition Canvas is an integral part of developing a brand. It concisely identifies and ranks the…

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Food & Drink Marketing and Branding that works

I am going to come out and say it: what is needed by Food and Drink brands is design that works. By ‘works’ I mean design that generates more sales, outshines the competition and raises both the rate and weight of purchase. The acid tests of success are: does this…

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No Space for Packaging Waste – Part 1

As consumers demand products at a greater convenience and quality, they are also expecting the products they purchase to be sustainable. To explore the best innovation in FMCG packaging, we’ve broken down the designs into four camps: edible, nationwide, premium and convenience. This week we tackle the edible and nationwide…

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Ethics Part 2 – Trust Issues – 2020 Trend Report Extract

Read Ethics Part 1 – Trust Issues – 2020 Trend Report Extract here. Ethics Part 2 – Trust Issues Plant Based Plastic Nestle and Danone’s NaturALL bottle alliance intends to launch its own PET made from bio-based materials. This alliance was founded in 2017, with PepsiCo, joining in late 2018.…

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Ethics Part 1 Trust Issues 2020 Trend Report

Ethics Part 1 – Trust Issues – 2020 Trend Report Extract

Ethics Part 1 Trust Issues Scandals follow the zeitgeist, have predicted the plant-based revolution and stricter regulations on the industry today and for the future. Alternative Ethics Common ethical concerns facing the alternative, plant-based market in 2019 included searching for the most sustainable, eco-friendly options, especially in milks. This had…

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A Q&A with Roseanna, Marketing and Commercial Consultant

What has your career path been up to this point? I have worked for HRA Global for almost four years, starting in June 2016. Prior to this I was a ‘fresh grad’, having completed my Politics degree at the University of Exeter that same month. How would you define your…

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A Bright Start to the Trading Year

So, good news. The first month of the new decade got off to a bright start. I know of many projects that had been held at an Amber light over the autumn, which received the go ahead last month. I had been feeling for some time that there was some…

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Highlights from The Source Trade Show 2020

If there’s anything to get you back into the beat of food and drink at the start of the new year, it’s a good old trade show. Some of the HRA Global team attended The Source Trade show at Westpoint Exeter that has really helped to revitalise us for the year…

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Are Hard Seltzers the latest battleground for the ‘War on Sugar’?

Having been around for seven years, Hard Seltzers are coming of age. By any measure, their growth has been impressive, and they are now an important part of the BWS (Beers, Wine and Spirits) category. The US has led the way with American millennials powering category growth. Brands like White Claw…

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Convenience – Driven by generational change – 2020 Trend Report Extract

Convenience – Driven by generational change Snacking Beyond Sugar Second generation CBD brands will have research-proven effective doses. Generally, 2019 releases had a small amount of CBD. 2020 will see an increasing consumer awareness of what constitutes an effective dose. Entry capital cash is likely to translate into a plethora…

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