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    From Sleeping Beauty to Sustainable Beauty: How the beauty industry is waking up

    ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ is the idea that what one person may find beautiful, another may not. But what if that beauty is sustainable, environmentally friendly and comes with a positive impact on the world? That sounds like beauty you cannot argue with. Here at HRA,…

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    What’s under the Christmas tree this year? Inflation, Q Commerce and AI.

    Phew, with just a week to go until the festive break for most, it’s all kicking off in the trade right now with all eyes on price increases. Fresh food prices jumped by 1.2% in October in what was the highest rate of inflation since August 2019. Ambient food inflation for…

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    Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s my last mile delivery!

    What do consumers want? Their groceries delivered to their door! When do they want it? Now! With the speed at which consumers expect their deliveries getting faster and faster, last mile delivery is having it’s staring moment. From skincare to toilet roll, when buying online they are looking for and…

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    The New Qual Era

    With AI and machine-learning now transforming the qualitative landscape, a new era of qual has begun. With an array of exciting research platforms now at the end of our fingertips, at HRA, we have been exploring what this means for our clients and how this has enhanced the depth of…

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    The B Corp Boom

    While most of us are already familiar with the Fairtrade or Soil Association organic symbol on the back of the products we buy, the B Corp logo may be a little less familiar. The B Corp movement, certifying businesses that balance profit with purpose, is now taking hold in the…

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    empty shelves in sainsbury's

    Empty shelves = no sales = no profit

    Some things you remember, but other things are seared into the memory. Thinking back when I was a Trading Manager at Argos (Sainsbury’s) or heading up Own Label at Tesco, the biggest cardinal sin you could commit by a country mile was to rack up out of stocks in your…

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    newly planted flowers

    August’s Monthly Impact Report

    Our monthly impact reports continue to highlight how we run our office and hold us accountable. We strongly believe in transparency and our environmental scorecard allows us to keep track so that we can learn more about our behaviours. Last month, we planted some new flowers and salad leaves in…

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    sunny beach

    July’s Monthly Impact Report

    July was a scorching month here in Devon which has given the team a chance to soak up some sun at the beach! It also gave our energy usage a break and helped reduce our figure for the month of July. We have set up a new recycling bin for…

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    June’s Monthly Impact Report

    It’s been a busy month at HRA Global and we are celebrating our 10-year anniversary! As we reflect upon how the FMCG industry has changed, we can also look at where it is going. We know that taking responsibility for our impact on the environment and on people needs to…

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    carbon footprint

    Carbon Foot-Printing & Labelling Developments Of The Last Decade

    It goes without saying that the ‘Green Revolution’ that has taken place over the last decade has led to a dramatic increase in environmental awareness among consumers. In order to satisfy a market increasingly making decisions with green credentials and environmental issues in mind, companies and brands alike are recognising…

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    soil in hands

    May’s Monthly Impact Report

    This month we have been full steam ahead with more regular office hours from the whole team. We have set up our new tumble composter to take all of our food waste (mostly coffee), which is reducing the amount of black bags we need to get through. Composting is a great way to break down natural waste and avoid it contributing to landfill.  

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    recyclable world icon

    April’s Monthly Impact Report

    April brought the easing of UK lockdown restrictions and with it, our return to office. We are proud to have taken this opportunity to reflect on the impact that our office has on the environment and we have pledged to share our monthly report.

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