6 Protein Sources You Didn’t Expect

1.) Avocado

Ok ok, we know avocados and their health-benefits are everywhere, but here’s another benefit to add to that long-list: 10g of protein per average sized fruit! This combined with their array of ‘good-fats’, high amounts of potassium and high fibre levels makes them the ultimate superfood.

2.) Sun Dried Tomatoes

It’s not often that we hear about the high protein content of any fruit. However, although it may seem surprising, sun-dried tomatoes boast an incredible protein content of 14g per 100g. Great in pastas, pizzas and salads to name but a few of the dishes they suit perfectly, sun-dried tomatoes are perhaps one of the most versatile foods on this list.

3.) Greek Yoghurt

Great with everything from fresh fruit and granola to olives and Greek salad, this supermarket staple is also tasty on its own. Not only is it versatile and easy, it packs an impressive protein punch with 10g per 100g – your breakfast just got even better! 

4.) Lentils

Not just great for arts and crafts (come on, we all remember those bean bags), this kitchen cupboard staple contains a hefty 9 grams of protein per 100. Another versatile favourite, lentils are great in spreads, curries, dips, stews and also as a meat substitute – an ideal source of plant-based protein.

5.) Edamame Beans

Well-known for their impressive vitamin and mineral content – high in calcium, iron, magnesium, vitamin C, vitamin B6, vitamin E and vitamin K to name just a few, it is easy to forget that Edamame beans are soy-beans. With soy being an incredible source of plant-based protein, these beans contain 11 grams of protein per 100. 

6.) Bugs

Increasing fears about over-farming and over-population have led to a series of suggestions that the future of our food lies in edible insects. Sound disgusting? Well, as grim as the idea may be, some insects can contain as much as 7g per 10g serving.

That’s 70 grams per 100! Bodybuilder-favourite websites such as MuscleFood have already caught on, selling edible protein insects such as ‘Garlic Grasshoppers’ and Buffalo worms – mmmm, tasty.

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