So, Why Should I Use A Specialist Food And Drink Agency?

I was at Food Matters Live recently and amidst the talks and exhibitions, we carved out time for coffee with some industry movers and shakers. I was asked a great question: “Why use a specialist Food and Drink Marketing agency and not a generic one?”

That’s a great question, I’m glad you asked. We set out to be a specialist agency – to only work in Food and Drink. We invest in the latest knowledge, innovation and techniques and focus all our energy on becoming the best in Europe. Here’s why you should be talking to us:

6 Reasons To Use A Food & Drink Marketing Agency

  1. We’re Passionate About Food

Ever since I was a child, I’ve loved spending time browsing supermarket aisles, checking out flavours and packs and searching for whats new. I’ve carefully hand-picked a team who all share my obsession passion. We are food and drink people: we cook, we bake, we brew, and we love getting in first on the latest food trends. We’re authentic food and drink obsessives and we’ll tell you as it is.

  1. Our Finger’s Right On The Pulse

We only work in food and drink so if there is a new brand on shelf, or an exciting turn of events in the industry that we think might affect your business, our clients are the first to know. That’s all part of the service. We know what you are up against, so we are perfectly placed to help you start to pull ahead – and stay ahead – of your competitors. Our unrivalled insight helps distil the facts so you gain complete clarity on what’s important to both shoppers and trade buyers, dramatically increasing your chances of success. We find solutions that work.

  1. Added Value That Gives You An Edge

We’re happy for you to ask us questions, pick our brains and tap into our experience on all aspects of food and drink, even if its totally unrelated to the project we are working on together. So if we’re mid-way through delivering a retail food and drink market research project for you and you just happen to want to know about wholesale and foodservice margins to help your costings – just ask! We often proactively offer up ideas, suggestions and insights that you can capitalise on – that’s all part of going ‘beyond the brief’. We being a fresh approach and we think differently.

  1. Trust Us – We’ll Deliver Every Time

As a specialist food marketing agency we are often trusted by clients to ‘just get on with it’. Let’s say we’ve just finished some analysis for you and now you need a category sales story – no problem, we’ll get going. Or you need a draft sales costing or a deep dive into Foodservice opportunities – we’ve got it covered. No complicated re-briefing or scene settings, you can trust us to get on it right away.  We always deliver.

  1. We’re Agile, Easy To Deal With And Responsive

Working in a small agency, each and every member of the team is immersed in the world of food and drink. This means we can kick off projects quickly and get the ball rolling giving you maximum impact in the shortest period of time. We know you want the key insights and don’t want to drown in the detail. Unlike generic agencies, we understand the implications of our findings to your wider business so we are able to digest, shape and prioritise recommendations for you. Einstein wasn’t wrong when he said ‘The definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple’.

  1. Get The Inside Track

We speak at most of the major UK and European ‘A list’ Food and Drink conferences and trade fairs, and our ‘black book’ of contacts stretches far and wide. Being ‘insiders’ in the food and drink market means that we have your back. We’ll keep you up to speed as things change in the supply base and category so you have a heads up and are perfectly placed to react. Our working relationships with key food and drink press contacts and financial analysts are second to none. Editors call us to add context or ‘get behind the story’ and whilst we never betray confidentialities, we help shape the food and drink news agenda.

We are seeing more and more clients moving away from ‘one size fits all’ agencies. There are clear and compelling benefits to using a food and drink agency – you’ll save time, your budget goes further and you will ultimately get a better result.

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