The benefits of using a dedicated drinks and food marketing agency

I was at Food Matters Live this week and amidst the talks and exhibitions, we carved out time for coffee with some industry movers and shakers. I was asked a great question: why use a specialist Food and Drink Marketing agency and not a generic one?

 That cuts to the heart of why we set up HRA Global so here’s my answer in 11 parts:

11 Reasons to Use a Food & Drink Marketing Agency

  1. Passion:

    I have loved curiously browsing around supermarkets since I was a kid and over the years I have carefully handpicked a team who all share that core passion. We are food and drink people: we cook, we bake, we brew and we love getting in and amongst the latest food trends. If you love what you do then you’re just better at it, right? Don’t you want to work with people practically obsessed with Food and Drink?


  2. Extra Value (also known as ‘free stuff’):

    Yes, yes – a few things in life are free, but our extra advice is! Be sure to ask us questions, pick our brains and tap into our experience on all aspects of food and drink. So, if we are mid-way through delivering a food marketing or market research project for you and you wonder what average category margins are in wholesale for your product – just ask us! We’ll often proactively offer up alternative ideas, suggestions and insights that will go down a treat with shoppers and trade buyers – all on the house. Just ask. That’s all part of us going ‘beyond the brief’.


  3. Speed and agility in Food & Drink Marketing:

    Because we have been working in food and drink as individuals for over 20 years, we don’t need detailed briefs or lengthy periods of research to understand your business, category or challenge. Our food and drink marketing professionals get it. We can kick off quickly and get the ball rolling giving you maximum impact in the shortest time.


  4. Movers & Shakers:

    We keep a keen eye on all the goings-on in food and drink. If there is a new brand on shelf or new food marketing packaging format, we’ll find out. If there is a new merger or acquisition deal agreed or an exciting turn of events in the industry that we think might affect our clients, you’ll be the first to know. That’s all part of the service.


  5. Food trends and innovation:

    It’s no exaggeration to say it’s a full-time job keeping up with the trends and innovations in food and drink marketing. We put the hours in doing this so that you don’t have to. We keep up with new products, ingredients, packaging and consumer concerns. We speak at all the major UK and European ‘A list’ Food and Drink conferences and trade fairs, and our ‘black book’ of contacts stretches far and wide. All this so our clients can stay one step ahead.


  6. We speak the language:

    Food and drink marketing has its own terminology and abbreviations – e.g try this one ‘we want Agile NPD driving basket spend and high ROS rather than the FMCG legacy EPD of our competitors’. This jargon and shorthand can be confusing and you need an agency that understands all the complexity – in order to make it simple for trade buyers and shoppers. After all, it was Einstein that said ‘The definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple’.


  7. Trust:

    As a specialist food marketing agency we are trusted by clients to ‘just get on with it’. You focus on your day job and we will deliver what we say. No matter how brief the brief – our experience and knowledge means we can deliver. So let’s say we’ve just finished some market research for you and now you need a category analysis – no problem, we get it and we’ll get going. Or you need a sales presentation or a deep dive into Foodservice opportunities – we’ve got it covered. No complicated re-briefing or scene settings, trust us to get it right away.


  8. We understand your competition and how they impact you:

    In fact, the likelihood is that we are well informed about your competitors’ brands, assets and products before we start working for you. We know what you are up against, what competitors have done that worked well and what hasn’t. So we are perfectly placed to help you start to pull ahead – and stay ahead – of them. Drinks marketing is a case in point at the moment, with so many startups and launches, it pays to understand the competition.


  9. The shopper is always right:

    Everyday in the supermarkets is like an election. Brands are up or down in the ‘polls’. Being clear about who your shopper is, what motivates them, what the right food marketing ‘hook’ is and what their needs and concerns are is key. The same goes for your buyers – what’s driving their product selections and their choice of suppliers. Our insight helps you get clear about what’s important to shoppers and buyers and that dramatically increases your chances of success.


  10. Opportunity Knocks:

    Being ‘insiders’ in the food and drink market means that we have your back. We may know of potential opportunities off the top of our heads or it may take a little time, but something will inevitably crop up which you’ll likely find interesting. A potential partnership, some cost-saving or new business opportunities or something left field you could take advantage of. We’ll keep you up to speed as things change in the supply base and category so you have a heads up and are perfectly placed to react.


  11. It’s a small world:

    Our working relationships with key food and drink press contacts and financial analysts are second to none. We’re always talking to hard-to-reach editors and feature writers and contribute either directly or in the background to many food and drink stories that you read. We’re called up to add context or ‘get behind the story’ and whilst we never betray confidentialities we help shape the food and drink news agenda in our own way.


So we think there are many clear and compelling benefits to using a specialist food and drink marketing agency versus a more generic ‘one size fits all’ agency. If that sounds interesting, drop me a line on [email protected] or find our company details via our contact page and we’ll see if we can help. Why not have a quick look at some case studies and discover the food and drink brands that we have worked with recently? 


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