The Hunger Grains: Teff, The New Quinoa?

Health Benefits

Q – Seen by many as a healthy alternative to rice and pasta, Quinoa is one of the only crops to contain all of the essential amino acids, consisting of 8 grams of protein per cup. It is high in fibre, magnesium, B-vitamins, iron, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin E and various antioxidants. It is perfect for those who are gluten-intolerant, and great for a sports-nutrition diet.  T – Teff perhaps wields greater health benefits than Quinoa. It is gluten-free, and available on prescription for coeliacs in many cases. It contains more calcium than quinoa at 123 mg per cup and more protein at 9.75g per cup as well as high iron and fibre levels. It is particularly high in resistant starch – a new type of dietary fibre found to benefit blood-sugar management, weight control and colon health.


Q – Typically a rice and pasta substitute, Quinoa grains as they come are ideal with many hot or cold dishes and are perfect in salad. It is perfect mixed as a breakfast cereal, and also in babyfood. Quinoa flour can also be used in place of virtually any other flour product, and both quinoa flour and quinoa grains are increasingly being used in cereal and protein bars. T – The finest known grain, Teff is incredibly easy to grind down into a flour, and is thus extremely versatile. Its most prominent and traditional use is in the creation of Ethiopian injera bread – a flatbread both central to Ethiopian cuisine, yet highly versatile. Teff flour is perfect for use in bread and cakes, whilst Teff flakes work extremely well both as breakfast cereal and in cereal bars.

The Winner?

As close as the battle was, the winner for us would have to be Teff. From a business perspective, both retailers and the public are forever searching for the ‘next big thing’, and Teff looks to be exactly that. Just like 2013 was the ‘year of Quinoa’, will 2016 prove itself to be the ‘year of Teff’? If you produce Teff, Quinoa or indeed any other product and are looking for help with launching your range, or are simply looking for more information, then call us on 01803 203387 or email at

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