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hope in a jar

Hope In A Jar

The current mood in the trade is quite a strange mixture of emotions. It’s unlike anything I’ve seen in 20 years client side or for the last almost 10 years running HRA Global.  With the UK heading towards an uncharted Brexit and entering into a new chapter of UK/US relations there…

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family with a meal kit

Meal Kits – Are They Back In The Big Time?

During the lockdown, shoppers were told to stay inside, work from home, and travel only when necessary. Although this may have been undesirable to some, it provided opportunity to start a new adventure in the realm of food. People took to the kitchen as a place of escapism from the…

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woman in autumn

October: A Chill Wind?

I absolutely love the autumn months and trade wise the early autumn saw a rebound in fortunes for many. It’s been an amazing season outdoors with the colours so vibrant after the warm spring, and summer weather motivating so much growth in trees, plants and crops. So, I’m not going…

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danni jordan in fmcg factory

Welcome Danni Jordan! A Q&A With HRA Global’s Marketing and Commercial Executive

Get to know the newest member of our HRA team, Danni Jordan through this Q&A style read where we learn a little bit about her career thus far, her motivations and passions. What Has Your Career Path Been Up To This Point? I’ve had a fairly eclectic career path before…

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A Sparkling Future For The Household Category

Driven by consumer demands for greater social responsibility, circular economies, and a general commitment to environmental wellbeing, the ‘sustainability’ buzzword is making its way into the household product market. With its increasing prevalence in wider society, FMCG companies are becoming more active in this transition through their desire to meet…

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Autumn’s Anecdata

I don’t know about you, but I have been swamped with ‘anecdata’ about what’s going to happen this autumn. You might not have heard the word anecdata – it’s a blend of the anecdote and actual data – but you know it when you see it. It’s when folks take…

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bcorp business poster

A BCorp Update – It’s A Marathon, Not A Sprint!

As some of you may know, we have been undertaking the necessary steps to gain a B Corporation (BCorp) certification. We’ve shrouded the exact meanings of this in mystery and thought it time to outline how far along the journey we’ve got to whilst we explain what BCorp is, what…

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Welcome Poppy Rucki! A Q&A With HRA Global’s Research Executive

HRA Global would like to give a warm welcome to our newest team member, Poppy! She joins the HRA Global team as a Graduate Researcher and we can’t wait to work alongside her. Take a look at our question and answer article below to learn a bit more about our…

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man pondering on wall

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

The French have a saying I have been thinking about for much of the month – ‘Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose’ – literally ‘the more things change, the more they stay the same’. Certainly, the first part of that, “the more things change’, immediately comes to mind…

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device monitoring glucose fasting

A Fast Buck? What is Chrononutrition and Why Should Food, Tech and Health Brands Care?

For years, mainstream nutrition advice has held that ‘a calorie is just a calorie’ and that it doesn’t matter if that calorie comes from fat, carbohydrate or protein. As long as total calories burnt by the body each day exceeds total calories consumed, broadly all is good.  I remember phrases…

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hamish and roseanna shopping

Food & Drink Marketing And Branding That Works

I am going to come out and say it: what is needed by Food and Drink brands is design that works. By ‘works’ I mean design that generates more sales, outshines the competition and raises both the rate and weight of purchase. The acid tests of success are: does this…

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water bottle tops

Ethics Part 2 – Trust Issues – 2020 Trend Report Extract

Read Ethics Part 1 – Trust Issues – 2020 Trend Report Extract here. Ethics Part 2 – Trust Issues Plant Based Plastic Nestle and Danone’s NaturALL bottle alliance intends to launch its own PET made from bio-based materials. This alliance was founded in 2017, with PepsiCo, joining in late 2018.…

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