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In this week’s episode of The Grocery Insider, in association with HRA Global, we speak to Sian Edmunds from Burges Salmon LLP. You can listen to the full episode of The New Commercial Landscape for CBD via the Grocery Insider podcast, Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

Introduction to CBD and Sian Edmunds from Burges Salmon – 0 mins

Previous FSA Rules on CBD – 5 Mins

  • What were the ‘rules’ on CBD products prior to the FSA announcement – for instance, the January 2019 FSA position and the European Commission designation of CBD as novel foods?
  • Were people paying attention to these rulings?
  • And a curveball or those who have switched off from the Brexit ‘debate’, will EC designated novel foods stay novel foods post-December, assuming the UK withdrawal from the EU runs to time?
  • Will companies have to resubmit products to the FSA?

Latest News From the FSA – 9 Mins

  • In a nutshell, what was the FSA’s ruling?
  • Quality test?
  • Should some consumer groups be careful?
  • Is this ruling the same for nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, health & beauty?

Products Ready to Launch and Health Claims – 13 Mins 

  • What should companies with Food and Drink products in the market do? What should brands with products with products in the wings, but not launched yet do?
  • Health claim regimes? Are we going to see products limiting what they can claims?

Local Authorities, Enforcement, and Impact on CBD Market – 18.45 Mins

  • Are Local Authorities resourced and equipped to enforce the ruling – will any enforcement action have teeth?
  • Beyond the ruling itself, we can infer about the FSA thinking on how they want to influence the development of the CBD market?

A Grey Area and Space for Innovation – 23 Mins 

  • What’s your view of the ruling on the development on CBD category in terms of investors, products, competition, safety standards? What changes can we expect?
  • The grey area within the market?
  • Is there a case that the brands that do remain could be more innovative, more radical having bagged their novel foods approved?

The Future of CBD Products in the UK Market – 28.30 Mins

  • Could we see the development of an OTC CBD category with higher dosages and more functional healthcare applications?
  • Some of the trade feel that there is a certain inevitability about a loosening of regulations around cannabis more generally, can you see a time when the UK follows the US and Canadian model with Cannabis edibles?
  • Food firms listening – what’s the one thing they need to be getting on with now to anticipate when these regulations will start to bite?

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