HRA’s Top Three Christmas NPD

As food industry professionals, what we look forward to most at Christmas isn’t the presents, or the wine, or the parties…it’s the NPD. Christmas has turned into the opportunity of the year for brands to showcase their innovation – and fight for the crown of the most original, out-there NPD.

Marks & Spencer

Taking our crown, perhaps predictably, would have to be the Kings of Christmas – M&S. Predictable however only in terms of their ability to innovate and produce different seasonal products each year, M&S have yet again outdone themselves. Their NPD is endless – but one of our favourites is the turning of sweet treats into ‘savoury show-stoppers’ in their own words.

The Shellfish Knickerbocker Glory was our personal favourite, which is exactly what it says on the tin. An ice-cream shaped glass containing king prawns topped with light and fluffy layers of lobster mousse and prosecco mousse, hand-decorated with king prawns, dill and lemon, it would wow at any gathering. It isn’t just their seafood selection that’s been given a sprinkling of festive magic – they’ve wowed in the snacks department with Buck’s fizz flavoured crisps; chocolate covered tortillas; hot & sour prawn doughnuts…the list goes on.  


Luxury savoury snack brand Tyrrells aren’t ready to let M&S take the crisp crown just yet, however. The luxury snack brand have pulled out all the stops this Christmas, with two brand new seasonal offerings. Three Bird Roast Crisps have been designed to emulate the ‘show-stopping winter centrepiece’ that is the three bird roast, combining duck, chicken and turkey in a crisp. Even more excitingly, popcorn fans everywhere are celebrating. following the success of their summer ‘Strawberries and Cream’ Popcorn flavour, Tyrrells have come up with a new Bellini Cocktail popcorn flavour, encapsulating ‘that miraculous mingling of bubbles and peach fruitiness we know and love as the bellini’.


Marmite’s first foray into chocolate-making was their ‘Very Peculiar’ Marmite Chocolate bar, which failed to take off in retailers as much as they may have hoped. Following increased success with Marmite Easter Eggs, Marmite are hoping to echo those fortunes with a seasonal offering. The range consists of a Marmite Chocolate Jar; A Love It! Or Hate It! Chocolate Truffle box, and a Marmite biscuit tin. Marmite-flavoured chocolate obviously fared well in Easter Egg form, and we’re particularly curious to see the outcome this Christmas.

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