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Meat Eaters 3.0: Our favourite brands go vegan

2021 was the biggest year yet for Veganuary, seeing an estimated 1.5 million people in Britain adopting a plant-based diet for at least a month, with category sales reaching the dizzying heights of £23.1m (The Grocer, 2021). . We’re yet to see the statistics for 2022, but it’s looking to…

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HRA’s Top 5 Veganuary launches 2020

Being in the food industry, there’s no hiding our excitement when a new year rolls around – bringing Veganuary with it. With last year’s Veganuary seeing a record 250,000 sign-ups, more than all previous years put together, Veganuary 2020 is likely to be a big one, likely to outperform this…

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Premium – The Plant-Based Movement – 2020 Trend Report Extract

Premium – The plant-based movement Vegan plant-based positioning Even those ‘in the know’ couldn’t have predicted just how quickly the plant-based movement would grow. A record 250,000 consumers took part in Veganuary 2019, more than all previous years put together, whilst over 35% of 18-24s are said to be looking…

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food matters live poster and roseanna

We’re at Food Matters Live 2019!

Hamish and Roseanna will be attending Food Matters Live this year at the ExCel in London. Roseanna is chairing a panel, as well as participating in one, in the Future of Retail Trends theatre, so make sure you stop by – you won’t want to miss out on insight into…

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speciality food fair event

Speciality and Fine Food Fair Review – 2019

Following the usual summer lull, what better way to get back into business than with a visit to the Speciality & Fine Foods Fair? Always a welcome signal of autumn, the Speciality and Fine Food Fair each year hosts over 700 producers and suppliers of artisan food and drinks, across…

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Food Air Miles – Higher Than We Think

Awareness of climate change is increasing, and many people are taking it personally, looking for ways to reduce their individual carbon emissions. The food choices we make are becoming an increasingly popular way to reduce carbon emissions. But food air miles are racking up as the vegan and health markets…

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Is Vegan A Dirty Word?

The exponential rise of veganism and the explosion in plant-based diets caught even the staunchest vegans unaware – even those ‘in the know’ couldn’t have predicted just how quickly the plant based movement would grow. A record 250,000 consumers took part in Veganuary 2019, more than all previous years put…

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All About The Experience

We recently spoke to Emma Read from Lucid Perspectives to talk all things foodservice for an episode of The Grocery Insider podcast. One of the standout points was how it is increasingly important for foodservice to create an experience for their consumers whether that be in cafes, restaurants or bars. Emma…

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The Still Unrealised Flexitarian Diet

Qualitative research never quite materialises outside of conversations, but in the world of consumer research, what people say matters a lot. In our recent survey, the initial line of investigation explored consumers’ thoughts about plant-based items on menus and the factors that influence their decision-making out of the home. 57%…

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free from expo poster

Free From Expo 2019 Talks

We would like to say thank you to everyone who attended our conference talks at the Free From Expo in Barcelona, the show was very lively and there was some great feedback on the presentations. At the free from expo in Catalonia, our team of food and drink experts talked…

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luxury chocolate easter eggs

From Climate Change to Yoga Bunnies – Easter 2019 in an Eggshell

Brits eat more chocolate per head than almost anywhere on earth, with the average consumer eating 8kg of chocolate per year. At the time of writing, almost a quarter of the population having already consumed an entire Easter egg, and 50% having eaten at least an Easter themed chocolate treat,…

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plant based burger

A Sustainable Plant-Based Future; Dos & Don’ts For Foodservice Menus – Part 1

In 2017, research by Behavioural Scientist Linda Bacon found that the arrangement of vegetarian and meat options on a menu affected the option people choose. People were 57% less likely to pick a plant-based option if it appeared under a separate ‘vegetarian’ heading, rather than mixed in with the meat-options…

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