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We featured on a Just-Food article ‘Keeping it real – plotting the likely UK food and industry trends of 2020’ back in November 2019.

Andy Coyne asks key UK food industry influencers and analysts for their predictions of what we are likely to see in the sector in 2020.


In reference to The relentlessness rise of plant-based and vegan…feature in just food hra global

Hamish Renton, managing director of UK food and drink consultancy HRA Global, says: “We’ve got to keep talking about vegan, which is getting into convenience and major distributors. I see a move towards pea protein. We will see the decline of soy, which is an allergen.

Renton adds: “Texturing is a pain in plant-based. Equipment makers need to keep up with the process. But they will get there.”

To read the rest of the article, visit Just Food.

This article was written by Andy Coyne on the 12th November 2019.

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