Welcome Danni Jordan! A Q&A With HRA Global’s Marketing and Commercial Executive

Get to know the newest member of our HRA team, Danni Jordan through this Q&A style read where we learn a little bit about her career thus far, her motivations and passions.

What Has Your Career Path Been Up To This Point?

I’ve had a fairly eclectic career path before joining the HRA Global team; from working at the Careers Centre of the University of Reading after graduating here with a BSC in Psychology, to entertaining thousands of guests aboard an American cruise ship – my versatility has set me up nicely for a role in FMCG marketing.

Have You Worked In Food And Drink Before?

My very first summer job was working for an ice-cream vendor, following from this I worked the latter of my school years and seasonally throughout my degree at a restaurant by the sea. Although in a different capacity, my initial introduction to the world of food and drink was overwhelmingly positive.

What Are Your Main Interests In The Field Of FMCG?

Having grown up during the “You Are What You Eat” TV era, I find myself increasingly interested in what I’m consuming and how it affects all parts of my physiology – physically and mentally. I’d cite food as my main interest because of this, although as the presence of nutrients and vitamins in the health & beauty space grows, so does my interest in this area too.

What Excites You Most About The New Role?

I’m excited to get stuck into all elements of the business and learn more about FMCG. 2 months into the role, I’ve already seen how quickly the landscape evolves in this industry so I’m looking forward to being consistently challenged and expanding my skills as time goes on.

What Motivates You Professionally?

A large part of my career history has been in entertainment, within theatre and out; an industry whose biggest asset in my opinion is the sense of community and team that comes from each production or venture. I’ve found the support and recognition of a work force to be an instrumental motivator for me, though I also relish the opportunity to work alone in order to stretch myself. I’m not one to shy away from stepping out my comfort zone if I’m confident it’ll elevate my capabilities for the benefit of myself as well as my team.

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