Welcome Jess Blake! A Q&A With HRA Global’s Consulting Executive

Freshly graduated from university, HRA’s newest recruit Jess shares a bit about herself outlining her experience, her excitement for the future and how her interest in FMCG began.

What Has Your Career Path Been Up To This Point?

Having graduated this summer from the University of Exeter with a BSc in Psychology, I think it is fair to say that my professional career path is only just beginning! Despite this my most notable role was being a Housing Options and Homelessness intern at West Suffolk Council. This role opened my eyes to the fast-paced world of work and gave me ample opportunity to work with a variety of people, giving me a sturdy base for starting work at a FMCG consultancy.

Have You Worked In Food And Drink Before?

I was working as a waitress (sadly not in a cocktail bar), before joining HRA Global. Through this role I experienced first-hand the effect that food can have on the consumer, and the importance of getting it right. Something which transfers perfectly into the world of FMCG. This role also educated me on some new food concepts. I can’t be the only person who didn’t know what an amuse-bouche was… right?

What Are Your Main Interests In The Field Of FMCG?

Being lactose intolerant from a young age and then moving into a university house with a variety of vegans, vegetarians and anything in-between, I have a strong interest in the free-from and plant-based category. Over the years I’ve seen this category boom and can’t wait to see what more it has to offer! However, it goes without saying that my love for food is boundless, and am ready to take on anything that comes my way.

What Excites You Most About The New Role?

I can’t wait to digest (pardon the pun) all the knowledge and experience that working for a leading FMCG consultancy has to offer. I’ve already learnt so much and haven’t even stepped foot in the office yet! I’m particularly excited about creating positive and engaging relationships with the wide range of clients at HRA, as well as with the general public taking part in our market research.

What Motivates You Professionally?

I have always had a strong desire to feel like I’ve helped someone. Whether that someone be a fellow colleague or a client. Having the opportunity to know I’ve made a difference, either lightening someone’s work load or helping a client get their new product on the shelves, is a strong motivator for me. I know that to produce your best work you need to be in a positive environment, working with uplifting people, so I’ll always do my best to provide this for my team.

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