Are These the World’s Wackiest Restaurants?

There are some quirky, intriguing and outright weird restaurants in the world, perhaps none less so than the five that we feature in this article. From a restaurant that employees monkeys as waiting personnel to a restaurant that goes all out on the Hello Kitty theme, we look at five of the weirdest restaurants that a consumer may encounter. If you have been to a restaurant that you believe to be wackier than any of these, please feel free to inform us! We may even add it to our list.

Magic Restroom Café, Los Angeles

Whilst sitting on a toilet in public might be the stuff of nightmares for some, that hasn’t stopped the Magic Restroom making toilets its restaurant centre-point. Inspired by the success of another toilet-themed restaurant – Taiwan’s Modern Toilet, toilets are in place instead of seats and there’s even a toilet-themed menu. The menu in question consists of a mix of Asian & Western food – such as zha jiang mian – named ‘constipation’ on the menu, braised pork over rice (‘smells-like-poop), and sundaes (customers choose from chocolate ‘black poop’, or vanilla-strawberry (bloody number 2) – served of course in miniature toilet bowls. Mmm, sounds delicious…

Izakaya Kayabuki, Japan

We’re all aware that monkeys are among the smartest creatures on the planet, with some features and capabilities that are remarkably similar to humans. Kaoro Otsuka – owner of Izakaya Kayabuki in Japan decided to take advantage of this – hiring monkeys to serve food, beer and towels in his restaurant.

Twin Stars Diner, Moscow

A city known for its quirky dining, to work in this diner employees must fulfil one simple criteria – they must be a pair of identical twins. From bartenders to chefs, the twins must dress identically, in a concept inspired by a 1964 Soviet film. Owners have so far stated that the only real difficulty in running the place is finding suitable twins, while customers wonder whether to tip twice or not…

Ninja New York

The big apple is known for its eclectic and diverse range of restaurants, and this provides no exception. Taking inspiration from a Japanese village in its décor, Ninja New York is themed entirely on, yep you guessed it, Ninjas. Serving Japanese food, this restaurant-battleground hybrid also boasts magicians, making it a real kids’ favourite.

Barbie Restaurant, Taiwan

The Far East’s love of all things bright, cute and fluffy is hardly short of a phenomenon, with the Hello Kitty craze known worldwide. Taiwan’s Barbie restaurant follows along these lines, staffed entirely by waitresses in bright pink tops, tutus and tiaras – even the chairs wear tutus. The pink theme stretches beyond this, involving not only the décor and furniture but the actual food itself. We’re not sure this will be appearing in too many high-end restaurant guides… Are you looking to sell to restaurants? Or are you simply looking for more information? Call us on 01803 203387 or email at

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